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To my dear and loving husband   


by Anne Bradstreet



If ever two were one, then surely we.

If ever man were loved by wife, then thee.

If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me, ye women, if you can.

I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold,

Or all the riches that the East doth hold.

My love is such that rivers cannot quench,

Nor ought but love from thee give recompense.

Thy love is such I can no way repay;

The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.

Then while we live, in love let’s so persever,

That when we live no more, we may live ever.

Kate & Tom

I try to find the right words to describe Kate and Tom's wedding... and all I keep hearing over and over in my head as I think back on their day is LOVE- Love in its purest and most sincere form. Love between man and woman. Love between mother and daughters. Love between father and daughters. Inter-generational love. Young love. Old love. Love between siblings. Love between cousins. Love between grandfather and grandchildren. Love between close friends. Love for those that are right here with us and for those that have passed on. Close-knit-together-I-will-always-carry-you-in-my-heart love. Love for places. Love for food. Love for love.


The cabin that they got married at was Kate's summer childhood home. To preserve all the special memories that she and her family shared in this home, they chose to keep it the way it's always been. Recently, a storm caused some damage, but fortunately most of it cound be restored by Kate's brother-in-law. The kitchen was my personal favorite! The bicycle that Kate and Tom rode on belonged to her family when she was a young girl... they sold it to neighbors years ago and they still had it! The canoe that Tom and Kate rowed in is hand-made by her brother in law... and the pearls she wore around her neck belonged to Tom's mom who recently passed away -- this way she celebrated this special day with us also.  


Thank you Kate and Tom for letting us document your wedding - it was magical! 

Erica & Sean

Summers in Winsconsin are sacred and beg to be spent outside in lovey places like these -- with sweet people like Erica and Sean! 


-- Paradise Park truly is a little paradise. The water lillies were in full bloom on the day we were there, the light was gentle and perfect for capturing their reflections on the pond that is the home of many stunning Koi fish. Take a look at their pictures and plan on taking your family or sweetheart here for a picnic; it really is the perfect little hide-away. 



Victoria & Michael

Victoria and Michael got married at the beautiful barn of harvest moon pond; under two majestic willow trees they promised each other their love and friendship for a lifetime. We had so much fun documenting their day; sweet people everywhere, much laughter, good beer -- and golden-hour in the flower field was basically perfect. 


Victoria and Michael, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you two! Thank you for letting us capture your day as photographers, but welcoming us as friends. We loved documenting your day and hope that you will enjoy these pinned-down momets in the years to come -- remembering your stunning celebration (and what a party it was!), the delicious laughter and all the wonderful people that were a part of it. xxxoxxox 



"Being in love is the best feeling on the planet. I really believe that love makes the world go round."
~ Sonam Kapoor 



Jenna & Eric

You may remember Jenna and Eric from their engagement session -- now their wedding pictures are up on the blog! 


These two got married on a beautiful farm just outside of Cashton. The drive up to the barn was breath-taking; cruising along winding roads and always keeping an eye out for the possible troll or elf to surprise us.


The ceremony got held up for a while by rain -- but soon the skies were washed clean and it turned out to be lovely, crisp day -- perfect for dancing on the lawn, pulling silly faces with the little ones, eating scruptious BBQ, kisses under endless blue and making promises that will stretch into a lifetime. 


Congratulations Jenna and Eric! 




Jenna & Eric

This past Sunday I had the privilege of meeting Jenna and Eric. Jenna is a nurse and Eric is a landscaper -- and without me knowing any of that I suggested that we take their engagement pictures at Olbrich Gardens. A thunderstorm was in the weather forecast and I thought - in case it starts pouring we have a place to run inside - but it didn't rain! And we didn't have to run anywhere! Instead, we took our sweet time strolling through the gardens and found it hard to believe that two hours had passed when we got done taking pictures.


Jenna and Eric, you two are beautiful inside and out! I loved spending my Sunday afternoon with you and am very much looking forward to shooting your wedding in -- a week from tomorrow! Whooooohooooo! :) 

Jen & Spencer 

Jen and Spencer are originally from Florida but have recently made the exciting city of Madison their new home. These two are full of fun and laughs and have chosen an urban/down-town shoot for their engagement pictures.


The day we picked for taking them could not have been more perfect.  It seemed like the last day of winter... or even better; the first day of spring! - Warm enough to show off Jen's lovely dress, but still crisp enough for rosey cheeks and lots of snuggling.



Stacey & Alex

I could not have wished for a prettier wedding and a more fun, loving and fun-loving couple than Stacey and Alex to end my Summer with. And oh man - did they dance! And did their friends dance! And did EVERYBODY DANCE - until late!

And I bet that if feet wouldn't get tired they'd still be dancing! :)


Thank you Stacey and Alex for being so wonderfully down-to-earth, loving and easy-going. What a privilidge to capture your special day and be a witness to the gentle love you share - and to celebrate it with you!


I am wishing you all the happiness available to mankind on this journey that is ahead of you. x


This year's Summer seems to have been an unusuallly stormy one so far; but on the day that Sara and Dennis said "I do" the weather could not have been friendlier. Even the bridal wreath seemed to perk up with joy and show itself from its best side just for these two lovebirds.


Dear Sara and Dennis, thank you for allowing us to share in, partake and capture your beautiful wedding day. The entire day felt like a big picnic and we were very happy and honored to be a part of it.


I hope that you enjoy these "seized momories" and that they will become more and more valuable to you as you grow old together.




A special thank you also to my wonderful photographer assistant Noah Riemer who helped with so much more that day than just taking pretty pictures! :)

Amy & Punit


I enjoy things that are not the norm and this wedding was such a thing. :)


Amy and Punit are a blast! I truly enjoyed meeting this down-to-earth couple that is eager to laugh and good at making two strangers with cameras strapped around their necks feel welcome at their wedding. Amy and Punit just are who they are; there is no pretense and no having to second-guess what they might be thinking because they'll come right out and say it. :)

- And this is exactly why I had so much fun photographing them.


Between their ceremony and their reception we had a few hours to spare and went to take some more casual pictures at "kite park" that borders lake Michigan in Milwaukee. I call it that because I always see kites flying there - and I will keep calling it that because Amy and Punit found a kite that, well... just couldn't fly. It was about to rain and the wind was freezing but they kept such a positive attitude that even the weather couldn't damper our fun.


Thank you both for this new and positive experience!



Sara & Dennis Wedding
Sara & Dennis 
After a long and brutal Wisconsin winter I had the privilege of beginning my spring with a stroll through Tenney Park with Sara and Dennis and their adorable pup, Ela. Spring showers threatened to put a damper on our fun, but whenever we got out of our cars it stopped drizzling and the sun smiled down.
Thank you Sara and Dennis for allowing me to take these photographs and for picking such fun locations.
I enjoyed getting to know you and am already looking forward to shooting your wedding come May! 


Michaelia & Angel Engagement



Michaelia and Angel are beautiful people; inside and out - and as you might be able to tell from the photographs, their little daughter Emmalynn is a hoot! 


Thank you Michaela and Angel for letting me take these pictures; for allowing me to be a part of your little family for a short while and for braving the cold with me.


I hope that these pictures will bring you much joy; even years from now... but more than that I hope for another fun photo-date with you guys soon :) 




Shelene & Paul Engagement

I met Shelene at my first acting workshop that I taught this past Fall/Winter. Her bubbly personality filled the classroom with much laughter and excitement. I knew that I wanted to be her friend when she offered me a bite of her apple  - a custom little Mexican and African girls don't seem to share with adult Americans. ;)


Over the past few months Paul and Shelene have become dear friends of mine and I cannot imagine life in Madison without them anymore. 


This handsome couple will get married this June!

I will not be able to document their wedding because I will be her bridesmaid :) 

Nicola & Olaf

Valentines day Couple Shoot

Nicola is a very dear friend of my sister's and I have known her since I was twelve. Perhaps younger. This February she and her boyfriend, Olaf, came to visit my family in Namibia. After a few wonderful days on the farm together we drove to Swakopmund, at beautiful, German-influenced town that borders the cool Atlantic. Here I got to have a ton of fun playing in the sand with this good-looking couple.These Valentine's pictures were taken in the Namib Desert; the oldest desert in the world.


In case you were wondering where they got their gorgeous outfits... Should you ever visit Namibia be sure to stop by at "Oscar and Olive", my sister's whimsical clothing store in Swakopmund and you are guaranteed to find out ;)



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